Internship/Student project opportunity Kenya - Deadline 10th April 2018


An 11-week working internship/student project is offered to carry out a survey evaluating key stakeholders’ (i.e. fish farmers, consumers and feed producers) acceptance and attitudes towards the inclusion of non-conventional ingredients in aquaculture feeds in Kenya.

This opportunity is offered as part of an inter-disciplinary BBSRC/DFID funded large-scale collaborative research project(‘SNIPH’ - Sustainable New Ingredients to Promote Health) taking place in India, Tanzania and Kenya. The selected intern/student will work in conjunction with Kenyan and UK partners.

What you will be doing

The position will follow a mixed research based methodology involving the following steps:
1. Review of the literature,
2. Framework Sample definition,
3. Qualitative information collection,
4. Quantitative questionnaire survey design,
5. Questionnaire survey implementation,
6. Analysis,
7. Write-up in form of Report/thesis as direct output for the project


University of Nairobi